What are the benefits of Collaborative Family Law?

Both parties must agree to an open, frank exchange of information. They must not threaten to make an application to the Court on the issues being dealt with during the collaborative process. If this can be agreed upon, both parties can expect to receive:

  • Legal expertise and support throughout the process
  • Resolutions reached in a dignified and respectful way
  • Client-controlled process, which can limit costs
  • Speedier resolutions
  • Focus on children
  • A team based approach
  • Improved communication with their spouse / partner
  • Creative and fair settlements
  • Other experts at hand to assist

It allows the couple and their Collaborative Lawyers to find a solution together, in a series of 'four-way' meetings, maintaining responsibility, dignity, and good protective and supportive family relationships, with control for both parties over their futures. The couple receive legal advice and support outside of the four-way meeting from their respective Collaborative Lawyers.

We work in the Collaborative Law process, with our clients and colleagues, using the expertise and assistance of professionals from other disciplines, such as Independent Financial Advisers, accountants and life coaches.

Utilising their skills in client representation, negotiation and problem-solving, Collaborative Family Lawyers help their clients shape a fair agreement.